Checklist to Ensure Safe Courier Service of Your Packages

Checklist to Ensure Safe Courier Service of Your Packages

Be it your personal parcel or a business product, ensuring secured delivery to the recipient’s doorstep is the most important thing. Safe delivery depends largely on the courier service that you have chosen for this job. A reliable carrier will transport your shipment with the greatest safety and drops them in their desired locations in one piece. But still, there are specific steps they need to go through to guarantee you a safe and hassle-free delivery.

If you want to double confirm whether your hired courier service firm is following all the necessary steps for the secured, quick and trouble-free delivery of your products, here is the checklist. An 8 step-by-step process has been shared with you to make sure you have always had the best outcomes when it comes to delivering products to your customers.

Step #1


Plan ahead always

For the smooth functioning of the courier service operations of your shipping company, you need to inform them in advance about your delivery plans and shipment schedules. Especially for bulk order shipment, this step is extremely crucial. The earlier a request is made by you, the sooner the company will arrange slots to fit your plans into it.

Step #2


Quick Loading

The loading time is the key to bringing the cargo to the destination quickly. You should always check that cargo pickup can be arranged by your hired agency at places where it is convenient instead of grouping them all in one place. This would speed up the loading process and the parcels could reach the customers’ doorstep safely and on time.

Step #3


Professional behavior of the cargo handler

Professional handling of your shipments by the cargo managers keeping in mind the sensitive and perishable nature of the products is a must quality. An inexperienced logistics company may overlook the handler’s reputation and expertise in this matter and hence it is your job to recheck their qualification and experience before trusting your consignment with them.

Step #4



Unexpected obstructions are bound to happen in every operation and logistics is no exception to this. No matter how safe, quick and trouble-free your shipping company may seem, it is always better to buy insurance for the cargo and avert all kinds of risks associated with it. For this reason, you need to look for an insured courier partner that will minimize your financial loss and at the same time free you from any kind of worries.

Step #5


Goods Packing

The packing must be executed by professionals as there are different methods like containers, pallets etc. A good transport company ensures that packing is done in accordance with the fragile nature of the cargo.

Step #6


Information Sharing

Precise information about your cargo parameters is vital during the documentation of the consignment. Cargos are different from each other and let your carrier know about every small detail of your shipment earlier in advance will help them manage it smoothly and safely.

Step #7


Documents recheck

Double-checking all the papers will take an extra minute and you should never forget this step. Cargo manifest and bill of lading are some important documents which are vital for the initiation of shipment transportation. Any error detection will result in reweighing and reclassifying of the cargos which will waste a lot of time. Furthermore, wrong information while doing the paperwork can lead to cargo refusal all at once or cost you formidable expenses. Therefore, it’s always better to be careful in advance.

Step #8


Making adjustments to the shipping schedules

Courier companies have shipping schedules worked out in advance to make it less costly and effective. So you need to plan ahead and take the most advantage of the planned routes to cut down the extra expenses. Besides, the company must be able to arrange for you express shipping outside their schedules whenever you need them.

Key Takeaway

It is always better to remain cautious and watchful in the matter of shipment or cargo handling in order to ensure that packages arrive safely at their destinations. At Smart Delivery Service we give immense attention to your products’ security. If your business needs a trustworthy partner for courier service Minneapolis reach out to us get a quote today. Our customized, professional and high-tech transportation system has made our customers love our services all these years. Our well-trained and dedicated staff and drivers have been our greatest assets and are helping us to complete each delivery with perfection.

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