4 Questions to Ask Your Delivery Service Provider Before Hiring

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4 Questions to Ask Your Delivery Service Provider Before Hiring

It is true that every courier company will claim that its delivery is secured and on-time always. Even, some will go out of their way to convince you to hire them for your business or own individual purpose. They will say their quality of delivery service is best and outsourcing to them will be in your best interest always. Unfortunately, you get to know about their efficiency and way of keeping delivery commitments only after using their service. However, we have some easy solutions that will help you understand the nature of your service provider best. You are required to ask a few questions in order to get assurance and assess the kind of service you are going to get from the prospective courier vendor.

Timely and hassle-free delivery is a must quality in your delivery service partner because these two determine your business success. If you are able to ensure that your required packages would reach their desired destinations in the way promised by the company, then it means your money went on the right track. In the end, what matters most is you get to see that your customers are happy with the delivery experience.

4 Questions to ask to ensure you are not hiring an ineffective delivery service partner


What are the various delivery options you offer?

It is, in fact, one of the most practical questions that help you to go to the bottom of the delivery policies of any particular service provider. When you inquire about the delivery options, it compels them to be truthful about the restrictions and limitations to their offerings. The answer varies from one company to another and you need to be sure of certain options like whether they provide same day delivery, premium 1-hr or 2-hr delivery or evening deliveries, etc. So, in order to see whether they have the capacity to handle your shipping needs, you need to be very much specific about your questions. If you are clear about why you need this service, the company will try to offer you a customized service.

What technology is used by you for order tracking and fulfillment?

Courier firms might tell you in advance that they use high technology which helps the customers to track their orders quickly. But, here is the trick. All companies use some kind of latest technology to assure you proper tracking facility. Hence, the best idea would be to ask them what kind of technology is deployed and how to use it for order tracking and fulfillment. What type of online mode of payments they have to make things convenient for the customers is also necessary to know. Their online processing systems, common software used in warehouse management, and GPS route planner for the drivers, are some of the worth-mentioning things to see in your courier provider.

What training programs and certifications do your drivers need to acquire?

The qualification and experience of the drivers are something which is mandatory in the first place in order to be called an established courier organization. Properly trained and certified drivers are conditions that everyone expects from their courier service partner. Especially, for the medical courier, the drivers need to complete special training and possess some certificates like HIPAA to become eligible for transporting medical supplies. Isn’t it better for you to ask in advance what training and certifications the drivers need to complete to get employment in your chosen courier firm? This will give you an idea of their experience in this field and in the meantime; you can also assess the fact whether they are suitable for handling your business-related deliveries.

Whom to contact for further queries or issues with the service?

Last but not least, this question is important to the extent that it helps you to know the kind of customer service support you are supposed to get from the concerned provider. In order to know about their troubleshooting procedure, simply ask them what you are going to do if you face any issue or difficulty before, during, or after the product delivery. Their answer will be enough evidence for you to evaluate the problem-resolving capacity and effort of the customer support team.


Your objective will be always to make the right choice so that you don’t have to regret it later after hiring. Although taking the right decision might seem to be a challenging task for you initially, if you get assured answers to all the above questions from the firm you’re thinking of hiring, then you are good to go with them. But if you don’t, then you can certainly look into the offerings of Delivery Service Minneapolis. We are one of the longest-serving firms for courier services in Minneapolis and our services include business deliveries, medical courier, personal delivery, warehouse service, dock truck services, and a lot more. Call us today to learn more about our company.

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