5 Ways Warehouse Logistics Improves Inventory Management

5 Ways Warehouse Logistics Improves Inventory Management

5 Ways Warehouse Logistics Improves Inventory Management

Warehouse logistics Inventory management is a crucial process in any business operations and any faulty planning or mismanagement can have a huge negative impact on sales. Whether you are an owner of a small start-up or a big multi-national company, it doesn’t matter. Efficient management of your inventory is always crucial to retain a favorable customer experience and boost your business. Accurate information of your stock levels and their current locations help you to meet the needs of the buyers whenever it arises. If you are the one who is seeking ways to improve your inventory management you can do it easily. You can simply outsource it to an esteemed courier service that uses the latest technologies and employs skilled professionals in the warehouse logistics facility to give you the best results.

However, the question is why you would trust a 3rd party courier service vendor with your warehouse operations and inventory management? A good company always stays updated with the latest developments in its field of service to retain its clients. And, when you are the customer, it becomes their priority to fulfill your warehousing and shipping needs. Let us see how they do this.

Measured followed by courier service for better inventory management


Optimizing inventory levels of your business

When inventory is mismanaged it can cost your firm in different ways. It either leads to overstocking or stock shortages. This is turn has a bad impact on your warehousing as well as shipping costs. So, optimizing the stock level is significant for minimizing costs. An agency hired by you will do the analytics by studying the inventory records of the past and assessing the reports and will give you a clear picture of the supply. With all the available information, you can now keep the stock volume updated and avoid situations like supply shortages or a rise in costs for storing excess stock.

Proactively tracking the inventory

Tracking the product quantity on a frequent basis in the warehouse that is ready for sale is necessary to enlighten you about the present scenarios of the stock. Warehousing agencies use a variety of management software and tracking tools that put every product into the record the moment it arrives at the storage facility. Besides, managing inventory properly these technologies have other advantages too. Barcode scanning and automation lessens the chances of any mistake and allows you to learn about your stock situation earlier in advance. The tracking facility also enables you to fulfill purchase orders efficiently by updating quickly and speeding up the process of picking, packaging, and shipping.

Know your inventory well

It is the duty of the person-in-charge of the warehouse to know and learn every single detail about your inventory. What types of orders are placed often or which product is most frequently purchased are some of the details your warehouse agency collects for better management. Knowing in advance which good generates maximum demand helps you to focus on the supply availability of those items. This in turn allows effective management and an overall improvement in business efficiency and meet the terms and conditions of your customer.

Backing everything up

Data backup is vital when you have a journey of thousands of sales in the past. Backing up all the information regarding all your order fulfillment in a secured way make sure you have access to all the details and key data without any difficulty at times of technical glitch or system hack. Access to crucial information anytime you want is essential to keep the inventory up-to-date and your business moving.

Investment on management software

Management software used for inventory optimization comprises a broad spectrum. As mentioned earlier, some serve as tracking tools while some are used for analytical measurements. So whatever your objective might be – reducing mismanagement, improving visibility in inventory, or optimizing the stock for better competitiveness –hiring a warehouse partner will ensure it accomplishes that motive. For this reason, they always keep on investing in advanced software so as to supervise your inventory effectively.

Final words

By now, hopefully, you have got an idea of how important is proper inventory for your business. It helps you keep your stock updated and makes sure none of your long-term customers return empty-handed. Understanding the needs of your clientele and keeping the inventory updated accordingly is what a good warehousing agency does. So, when you outsource make sure that the company guarantees a positive customer experience. At, Delivery Service Minneapolis, we are experts know for our proficient inventory management. We use the best methods of cost controls and risk management to ensure accurate inventory count. Auto-replenishing stocks and maximizing your storage space remain our key focus. You can always reach out to us to avail of courier service in Minneapolis and for your warehousing or shipping requirements.

4 Questions to Ask Your Delivery Service Provider Before Hiring

4 Questions to Ask Your Delivery Service Provider Before Hiring

4 Questions to Ask Your Delivery Service Provider Before Hiring

It is true that every courier company will claim that its delivery is secured and on-time always. Even, some will go out of their way to convince you to hire them for your business or own individual purpose. They will say their quality of delivery service is best and outsourcing to them will be in your best interest always. Unfortunately, you get to know about their efficiency and way of keeping delivery commitments only after using their service. However, we have some easy solutions that will help you understand the nature of your service provider best. You are required to ask a few questions in order to get assurance and assess the kind of service you are going to get from the prospective courier vendor.

Timely and hassle-free delivery is a must quality in your delivery service partner because these two determine your business success. If you are able to ensure that your required packages would reach their desired destinations in the way promised by the company, then it means your money went on the right track. In the end, what matters most is you get to see that your customers are happy with the delivery experience.

4 Questions to ask to ensure you are not hiring an ineffective delivery service partner


What are the various delivery options you offer?

It is, in fact, one of the most practical questions that help you to go to the bottom of the delivery policies of any particular service provider. When you inquire about the delivery options, it compels them to be truthful about the restrictions and limitations to their offerings. The answer varies from one company to another and you need to be sure of certain options like whether they provide same day delivery, premium 1-hr or 2-hr delivery or evening deliveries, etc. So, in order to see whether they have the capacity to handle your shipping needs, you need to be very much specific about your questions. If you are clear about why you need this service, the company will try to offer you customized service.

What technology is used by you for order tracking and fulfillment?

Courier firms might tell you in advance that they use high technology which helps the customers to track their orders quickly. But, here is the trick. All companies use some kind of latest technology to assure you proper tracking facility. Hence, the best idea would be to ask them what kind of technology is deployed and how to use it for order tracking and fulfillment. What type of online mode of payments they have to make things convenient for the customers is also necessary to know. Their online processing systems, common software used in warehouse management, and GPS route planner for the drivers, are some of the worth-mentioning things to see in your courier provider.

What training programs and certifications do your drivers need to acquire?

The qualification and experience of the drivers are something which is mandatory in the first place in order to be called an established courier organization. Properly trained and certified drivers are conditions that everyone expects from their courier service partner. Especially, for the medical courier, the drivers need to complete special training and possess some certificates like HIPAA to become eligible for transporting medical supplies. Isn’t it better for you to ask in advance what training and certifications the drivers need to complete to get employment in your chosen courier firm? This will give you an idea of their experience in this field and in the meantime; you can also assess the fact whether they are suitable for handling your business-related deliveries.

Whom to contact for further queries or issues with the service?

Last but not least, this question is important to the extent that it helps you to know the kind of customer service support you are supposed to get from the concerned provider. In order to know about their troubleshooting procedure, simply ask them what you are going to do if you face any issue or difficulty before, during, or after the product delivery. Their answer will be enough evidence for you to evaluate the problem-resolving capacity and effort of the customer support team.


Your objective will be always to make the right choice so that you don’t have to regret it later after hiring. Although taking the right decision might seem to be a challenging task for you initially, if you get assured answers to all the above questions from the firm you’re thinking of hiring, then you are good to go with them. But if you don’t, then you can certainly look into the offerings of Delivery Service Minneapolis. We are one of the longest-serving firms for courier services in Minneapolis and our services include business deliveries, medical courier, personal delivery, warehouse service, dock truck services, and a lot more. Call us today to learn more about our company.

Checklist to Ensure Safe Courier Service of Your Packages

Checklist to Ensure Safe Courier Service of Your Packages

Checklist to Ensure Safe Courier Service of Your Packages

Be it your personal parcel or a business product, ensuring secured delivery to the recipient’s doorstep is the most important thing. Safe delivery depends largely on the courier service that you have chosen for this job. A reliable carrier will transport your shipment with the greatest safety and drops them in their desired locations in one piece. But still, there are specific steps they need to go through to guarantee you a safe and hassle-free delivery.

If you want to double confirm whether your hired courier service firm is following all the necessary steps for the secured, quick and trouble-free delivery of your products, here is the checklist. An 8 step-by-step process has been shared with you to make sure you have always had the best outcomes when it comes to delivering products to your customers.

Step #1


Plan ahead always

For the smooth functioning of the courier service operations of your shipping company, you need to inform them in advance about your delivery plans and shipment schedules. Especially for bulk order shipment, this step is extremely crucial. The earlier a request is made by you, the sooner the company will arrange slots to fit your plans into it.

Step #2


Quick Loading

The loading time is the key to bringing the cargo to the destination quickly. You should always check that cargo pickup can be arranged by your hired agency at places where it is convenient instead of grouping them all in one place. This would speed up the loading process and the parcels could reach the customers’ doorstep safely and on time.

Step #3


Professional behavior of the cargo handler

Professional handling of your shipments by the cargo managers keeping in mind the sensitive and perishable nature of the products is a must quality. An inexperienced logistics company may overlook the handler’s reputation and expertise in this matter and hence it is your job to recheck their qualification and experience before trusting your consignment with them.

Step #4



Unexpected obstructions are bound to happen in every operation and logistics is no exception to this. No matter how safe, quick and trouble-free your shipping company may seem, it is always better to buy insurance for the cargo and avert all kinds of risks associated with it. For this reason, you need to look for an insured courier partner that will minimize your financial loss and at the same time free you from any kind of worries.

Step #5


Goods Packing

The packing must be executed by professionals as there are different methods like containers, pallets etc. A good transport company ensures that packing is done in accordance with the fragile nature of the cargo.

Step #6


Information Sharing

Precise information about your cargo parameters is vital during the documentation of the consignment. Cargos are different from each other and let your carrier know about every small detail of your shipment earlier in advance will help them manage it smoothly and safely.

Step #7


Documents recheck

Double-checking all the papers will take an extra minute and you should never forget this step. Cargo manifest and bill of lading are some important documents which are vital for the initiation of shipment transportation. Any error detection will result in reweighing and reclassifying of the cargos which will waste a lot of time. Furthermore, wrong information while doing the paperwork can lead to cargo refusal all at once or cost you formidable expenses. Therefore, it’s always better to be careful in advance.

Step #8


Making adjustments to the shipping schedules

Courier companies have shipping schedules worked out in advance to make it less costly and effective. So you need to plan ahead and take the most advantage of the planned routes to cut down the extra expenses. Besides, the company must be able to arrange for you express shipping outside their schedules whenever you need them.

Key Takeaway

It is always better to remain cautious and watchful in the matter of shipment or cargo handling in order to ensure that packages arrive safely at their destinations. At Smart Delivery Service we give immense attention to your products’ security. If your business needs a trustworthy partner for courier service Minneapolis reach out to us get a quote today. Our customized, professional and high-tech transportation system has made our customers love our services all these years. Our well-trained and dedicated staff and drivers have been our greatest assets and are helping us to complete each delivery with perfection.

How Courier Service Firm Brings a Huge Difference in Your Business

How Courier Service Firm Brings a Huge Difference in Your Business

Have you ever thought of outsourcing your logistics operations to a third-party service provider? Well, if the answer is no, then it’s time to try it. Many think that contracting out courier services involve a lot of money while there is no guarantee that it would prove beneficial for your business. This is absolutely untrue. When you hire a courier service for handling and managing your product shipment and delivery, your business will get a major boost which you can never think of. How? To know that, you have to read this entire blog because here you can learn about those things that make courier services superior to postal and other alternative services.On-time couriers have the capability to transform your business completely for the good. Keep reading to know what courier service is and how they function.

What is a courier service?

Courier service is a type of delivery service which takes the responsibility of transporting parcels or consignments from one place to another. The consignment can be any good, gift items, important documents or letters. They are known for their quick and expedient service. Courier companies offer all-inclusive service that mainly consists of picking, storing and delivering shipments in the least possible time.

You may think that postal services are somewhat similar to courier services and so why hire courier companies instead of them. Here are the unique benefits that a 3rd party courier company can provide your business.

Super Fast Delivery

Yes, you read that right! None can really come close to them when it comes to speedy deliveries. 1-hour delivery, ASAP delivery and same-day delivery are some of the exclusive benefits you can avail by hiring an established and experienced agency. Their high-end technology like GPS tracking, navigating clogged roads, and advanced transportation have streamlined the entire process of parcel transportation and delivery at the destination within the desired time.

Delivery is fully insured

As you’re spending a part of business’s money on an outsider with a hope to cut down your future costs, the question of “what if” always bothers you. What if your items get damaged or are lost while in transit? Though this is very unlikely to occur, especially when you have a very reputed firm to assist you, rest assured that your items’ delivery is fully insured. The company is liable to you for any kind of harm to your product or misplacement. This also ensures that you can ship delicate, fragile and light items without any worry.

Reliable service

Postal services aren’t as much reliable as courier services are. One important reason is unlike postal services, the shipments are handled by the same hands from storing to dispatching. This reduces the chances of wear and tear. Also, they are very professional and careful when it comes to discharging their duties towards their clients. They treat your customers as their customers and take immense care of their needs as you’d do. Furthermore, to gain your trust in their service, they make sure that customers are 100% satisfied with their delivery experience.

Affordable service

For start-ups or small businesses, budget comes first. Even a little hike in the cost would bother you and they know that very well. So, it is their rule to offer competitive pricing and make it affordable for you than your alternative choices. Even, if your business is of large-scale, then will offer you lucrative discounts and customized rates that would fit perfectly with your delivery needs. This way, you’d be able to benefit two-way – lower costs and save time.

Easy accessibility

You have all the comfort while placing the order and then tracking it easily through mobile apps or website. You can have minute-to-minute details about your product’s location, time of dispatch and when it is out for delivery.

Responsive customer support

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a problem with your delivery and unable to connect with customer support. But this isn’t the case for professional and trustworthy delivery service agencies. They have responsive customer support backed by a well-trained and qualified team of executives who are available 24*7 a week. You can simply reach out to them via a toll-free number, email them or fill-up the contact form on their website. A dedicated team member will be allotted to you immediately to listen to your queries and resolve the issue.

Bottom line

Hope, now you know that outsourcing courier services is neither a costly affair nor involves any kind of hassle. It will only benefit you by all means, be it your money or time. To see how it can actually transform your trade and help you earn more revenue, you need to hire one immediately. You can contact Smart Delivery Service, a firm with more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry. Their unparalleled quality has made them an industry leader for courier service in Minneapolis. Hire them today to minimize your costs and maximize delivery efficiency.

Is Your Delivery Service Provider is Efficient Enough

Is Your Delivery Service Provider is Efficient Enough

4 Signs That Prove Your Delivery Service Provider is Efficient Enough

Delivery Service Minneapolis Blog

Summary: This article points out the key factors which will help you to determine whether a delivery service provider is efficient enough to meet your business requirements.

Most businesses today outsource their delivery services to save both time and costs. Apart from having trained delivery experts and modern fleets, there are advanced technologies that help professional courier Services companies to deliver products fastest. However, how to ensure that your service provider is efficient enough and follow the optimized routes and delivery channels? Mismanaged deliveries in businesses will cause huge losses apart from disappointing customers. It’s for this reason, choosing the courier services company which is most efficient at that task of distribution is required for your business. This article pinpoints the practices that ensure a delivery services provider is proficient enough to ship all your products from warehouses to distributors, stores or retailers.

Have a definite process of picking delivery requests
A dedicated delivery service team will always have a defined system to accept the parcel delivery request from a business or an individual. It might be done be via an online portal or website or by physically visiting their center. The service taker will have to mention the products, quantity, time and place of pick and delivery destination and every other detail at the time of booking. After booking the service, they will provide a receipt or a bill acknowledging the request for goods delivery.
Provide comprehensive services
It must be an all-round service provider of courier and delivery services. It means they should be able to serve your needs on-demand basis. Starting from routine deliveries to same-day delivery and hot shot delivery, it should be equipped well to provide all kinds of fast services to the business clients. Besides, they should not be having restrictions on the type of products. From consumer products to retail manufacturing parts and even medical supplies, they should be able to deliver all.
Have professional drivers
Make sure that the company or agency you are pairing house professional drivers, who are specialized to drive fleets or carriages trucks. Only the trained drivers can ensure to get your products delivered swiftly at the right time or before that, following the optimal route. Besides, the proficient delivery executive gets training and certification on how to handle different products (including fragile, heavyweight and medical supplies) without causing any damage. Thus, you can rest assured that all your products are absolutely safe during transit.
Offer tracking facilities
Well, this is an important benchmark today to judge the efficiency of a delivery service company. Every delivery agency or company needs to utilize the advantages of modern technologies like GPS. It helps in showing the live location of a product when it is out for delivery. Live tracking of the delivery is a useful facility that businesses look for because it helps them ensure whether the products are on the transit or is being delayed and take business decisions accordingly. In medical courier deliveries its is very important to have a tracking system available at all times.
Most businesses are struggling to cut their costs of operations which include costs of distribution too. However, outsourcing the service from a dedicated courier services and delivery service company can help. It not only reduces the costs and resources needed for delivering the products but also assures their fastest shipment to the desired destinations. Checking out for these key factors before hiring the service provider will help you to choose the efficient service provider.

Author bio:. is a delivery service executive and a blog writer who is associated with a reputed delivery services company. In his write-ups, he mainly explains the perks of hiring a third-party service provider for distribution tasks in businesses.